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If you want to buy a print, please do not hesitate to contact me! There are many interesting ways in which my photographys and artwork may be presented at your home or workplace. Please take a look at all my pictures on each listing and do read all the information. If you have questions, please let me know. And I would really like to thank you for supporting my work. If you are kind enough to buy one of my pictures, know that it is the greatest compliment that I can receive as a an artist.​​​​​​​
Landscape Photography and Artwork​​​​​​​
If you're interested in a print I would recommend Photo prints, FineArt prints or Acryl glas*. Most of my photographies are available in sizes from 20x30cm / 7,8x11,8in. up to 100x150cm / 39,3x59,0in.
Each print you may buy will have the artists signature. Also, you get a full hd (1920x1080px) wallpaper (digital copy), with logo, for your computer desktop.
All you have to do is find the photo you love and let me know. All pictures have a number above or beneath the watermark logo to identify them easily!
Limited Edition
Some photographs are above the ordinary and outstanding because of the beautiful colors, the fantastic lights, the composition, the time or location the picture was taken, etc. For there uniqueness they get a higher priority.
These are some of my favourite pictures!
The photos and artworks from the Limited Edition are only available in three different sizes and as Acryl glas* with a Dibond*** support surface for more stability.
- 100 pieces for the 20x30cm / 7,8x11,8in. version.
-  60 pieces for the 40x60cm / 15,7x23,6in. version.
-  40 pieces for the 60x90 / 23,6x35,4in. version.

Each print you may buy from the Limited Edition will come with a handwritten signature and a documentation certificate on the ordered artwork within the title, buying date, date of origin and the running number. Also you get a full hd (1920x1080px) wallpaper (digital copy), with logo, for your computer desktop.
There will be no further editions of these pictures!
So this is a very exclusive and rare photography from Thorsten Janes Photography.
Tango Photography
For those tango dancers who are interested in a tango picture of there own, you can buy prints and digital copies for your website aswell.
Do you have questions? Or need more info! 
Please send me an e-mail at:
I will answer as soon as possible to give you all the relevant information about possible sizes, prizes or what ever you want to know.​​​​​​​


*Acryl glas is high transparent and aging resistant. Acryl glas is a smart unbreakable alternative to normal glas. Behind Acryl glas, pictures have a wonderful deep effect and a fantastic color intensity. The photo will be printed on a FineArt photo paper and then laminated behind the Acryl glas. Available with two different support surfaces such as Dibond*** or Forex**.
**Forex is a very light but stable hard foam with a 5 or 10mm material thickness
***Dibond is a aluminium composite sheet which is specially optimised for display. It is very light and extremely stable.

1*) Es gelten die allgemeinen Datenschutzbestimmungen. / The general data protection regulations apply.
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